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4.4 Overall Rating

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

We loved our experience with Jalyn and their Day School training program. End of every day we received an email with an explanation of the day and videos. We also were provided with a report card and homework activities. Jalyn was great to work with and very helpful with different ways to try things. Even though training is done, she is still available for future questions. I highly recommend her program at APR.

Lana J.

We love APR we started with just daycare but have also boarded our dogs, had them groomed, and worked with Jalyn on training!! We felt so good about leaving Wilson and Monte there for the day, long weekend, or even some extended stays. When we got Monte we knew we would need to work with a trainer and would 11/10 work with Jalyn again! She was very communicative and flexible. We did some sessions at home and some sessions at a park nearby. Monte needed different tools and strategies than Wilson and Jalyn did a great job of helping us figure those out and giving us the techniques to be consistent with both boys. We worked on confidence, recall, and general manners with Monte and he has gained a lot of skills thanks to our work with Jalyn.


Ashley does an excellent job grooming our dog. He is often hesitant to enter the building. but once he sees her, he runs to her. She also cares about health maintenance and communicates well on what type of haircut I would like each time. She genuinely cares about pets. I highly recommend Ashley.

Kathy N.

Shout out to Ames Pet Resort and Nikki on doing a great job! My pup is extremely anxious about clippers and some new people....but all was good on his visit to APR. BIG thanks to Nikki she did a wonderful job with Silas. Extremely patient! HIGHLY RECOMMEND APR! Thanks again!

Bryan M.

I had many people recommend the Ames Pet Resort to me for their grooming services. I was originally worried since it's a bigger facility and I have a small breed older dog, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. I had tried another groomer in Ames and wasn't happy with the results, the groomer Savannah at Ames Pet Resort did amazing. She listened to how I wanted my dog groomed and executed it to a T. I've already booked my next appointment and look forward to another positive experience with all of the staff.

Lacee G.

It was a pleasure working with Jalyn. She was very kind and receptive to the type of training and specific objectives we wanted help on improving with our puppy. She gave very helpful advice and after each lesson provided us with an in-depth list of homework and observations catered specifically for us to work on. Each week we noticed improvements and continue to practice what Jalyn taught us and are continuing to see positive improvements in the behavior and responsiveness of our puppy.

Kati T.

My pup and I just wrapped up six sessions of individual/personalized training with Jalyn. I am blown away by the results!!! My pup is much more obedient, but also much more confident and full of energy! Jalyn is amazing to work with - both for my doggie as well as me! Just signed up for more sessions - can’t wait to see how far Jalyn can take us!! HIGHLY recommend!!

Craig G.

Linus is a regular at doggy daycare and the grooming spa. His smile when I drop him off tells me how much he loves this place. I cannot say enough positive things about the quality of care Linus receives. The staff are wonderful and the facilities are clean and modern.

Deb C.

Amazing job by Ashley with my dog Maya. It was our first time at Ames Pet Resort and we will definitely continue to use them.

Jean R.

Our big boy Theo loves to play with his friends at APR. He can barely contain his excitement when he gets in the car to go to daycare. When he gets home, he crashes for the rest of the evening, which we love.

Janine T.

My son has been taking his dog Cal to Ames Pet Resort for over 2 years now. They are amazing.. They treated him like family and always so loving... The staff is amazing!!!!

Yvonne C.

Maggie is 5 and has been going to daycare at APR since she was a puppy. So awesome when she comes home tired out from a day of play.

Kathy J.

My dog absolutely loves Ames Pet Resort! He can hardly contain his excitement when we pull up for daycare and falls asleep in the car on our way home. The staff is excellent and treats your dog like their own. Very clean facilities and fun events!


Our dog Hazy needs exercise so we decided to give Ames Pet Resort a try. The first couple times she would STOP and drop to the floor when I would try to leave. Now, she gets excited when we turn onto the street and can't wait to get there to visit her friends all day. In the afternoon she comes running out to greet me and can barely make it home before taking a nice long nap. She loves it there and we love it for her! The staff are just awesome and I know she's in good hands!

Kim O.

I love Ames Pet Resort, and my dog, Elliot loves going for doggie daycare while my husband and I are at work. They do a wonderful job of making sure there aren't too many dogs for the number of people watching the dogs, and I know Elliot is safe there. They also do a rotation of playtime and nap time so dogs don't end up overtired when they go home. Elliot also gets groomed there once a month and they do a great job. They clean his ears, trim his coat, and nails, and brush his teeth. They even have an oatmeal shampoo that I request in the winter time. They've also been great the few times we've had to board him. Even if it's been short notice, they've been very accommodating. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they've been able to help me out with any and all questions I've had. I highly recommend Ames Pet Resort to anyone looking for grooming, doggie daycare, or boarding.

Barb A.

You guys do a great job! I love that I can bring Cooper on Fridays for playtime and when I take him home he has a nap. Thank you!

Julie B.

Our two dogs like the Pet Resort for their grooming. I had them to another and the male dog when he figured out where he was he tried to get back out the door... Now when I tell them they are going to the Pet Resort they get excited... when they walk in the door they are so excited... It has always been a good experience for our family!

Jane P.

My son has been taking his golden doodle to them for Doggy Day care and he loves it. He is very nervous and they have helped him work through his fear. We decided to let them try grooming him because he had a horrible experience at another place. They were amazing with him and gave him more TLC and are love to help him get over fear of grooming.... They are the best.

Yvonne C.

This is a great place to take your pets. It's a place you can trust. The staff is very friendly and well trained and really great with the animals. The place is clean and well set up. They do great work there. The groomers are also great. It's affordable and you can leave your pet there without having to stress. My experience has always been good there.

Debbie A.

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