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Your Pet Will Enjoy a Safe and Comfortable Stay at Our Facility

We have designed the Ames Pet Resort facility specifically for the care of your pets. It is of utmost importance to us that we maintain a safe, secure, and clean environment. Trust us to provide an outstanding facility design and keep all pet areas free of potential hazards.

Details of Our Facility

  • (Indoor and Outdoor) Large supervised and secure play areas
  • Multiple enclosure sizes up to 60 sq. ft. for dogs
  • Televisions for dog suites
  • Cat condos (separate ventilation system / built-in and separate feeding and littering areas)
  • (2) 1,200+ sq. ft inside play area
    • (1) for small dogs and (1) for large dogs
  • 2,500+ sq. ft outside play area
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Grooming and bathing areas

We Take Proper Care of Your Pet Just Like You Do

Schedule an appointment today for your pet training, boarding, daycare, or grooming needs.