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Mon - Fri:
7am - 7pm

Sat & Sun:
9am - 4pm



Group play time for daycare and boarded dogs will help meet your dog's needs for attention and activity through supervised play with dogs of similar size, temperament, and play styles. Group play is not for every dog (we require a temperament test) but if your dog enjoys socializing and burning off pent-up energy, group play is a great option for boarded dogs and an alternative to the boredom of staying home alone all day.

Our play sessions consist of 12-14 supervised dogs per group and are set up to provide your pet with the best possible experience. We know that playing all day can be stressful on many dogs so we customize play for each dog so that they have fun without becoming overstimulated by socializing for hours on end. Continuous overstimulation can result in poor impulse control or irritability

The main benefits of supervised play (daycare) are:

  • Relief from boredom
  • Socialization with people and other dogs
  • Exercise
  • Relief from loneliness and separation anxiety
  • Prevention of destructive behavior when left unsupervised at home
  • Not having to worry about leaving your dog home all day


Dog Daycare

Type Time Cost
Full Day Daycare 7-7 weekdays, 9-4 weekends $20
Full Day Package 10 Full Days $180
Half Day Daycare 6 hours a day $13
Half Day Package 10 Half Days $117
Daycare (Boarded) 1 session (4 hours) $7
Private Playtime (Boarded) 20 minutes $15
Day Boarding 7-7 weekdays; 9-4 weekends $20

Daycare requirements: proof of the vaccines rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and distemper. Pets must be spayed or neutered, unless they are too young. A services agreement needs to be filled out, which can be done the day of drop off. Last, we require a temperament assessment.