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Mon - Fri:
7am - 7pm

Sat & Sun:
9am - 4pm



Boarding is for pets that need an overnight or long-term place to stay. Dog boarding includes a minimum of: 4 bathroom breaks, 1-3 food breaks, 15 minutes of playtime, and food (Iams©) at no additional cost.
Suites include an HD TV abd over 30 ft² more room.
Larges are for larger dogs and/or multiple dogs in one kennel.
Mediums are our smallest size and are ideal for smaller dogs.


Dog Boarding

Type Size Nightly Cost Reward Points
Suite 60 ft² (10' x 6') $36 3
Large 30 ft² (7' 6'' x 4') $27 2
Medium 22 ft² (5' 6'' x 4') $24 1
  • Playtime (adding daycare): $12
  • Additional dog(s) in same enclosure are 50% off
  • Private playtime: $15

Cat Boarding

Type Cost per day
Deluxe Condo $17
Additional Cat(s) $10
Reward Points 1

Boarding is charged on a hotel system, with a "night" of boarding constituting as check in after 2pm on the day of drop off, and check out by 12 noon of the day of pick up. Pets may still be dropped off or picked up any time during hours, however dropping off early or picking up late will add a $10 fee per pet.

Dog vaccine requirements: proof of the vaccines rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and distemper. Cat vaccines: proof of the vaccines FVRCP and rabies. Boarding pets must be spayed or neutered. We also need a services agreement filled out, which can be done the day of drop off.